Twins ready to take next step together

Dynamic duo: Macquarie Hills twins Kristan and Tiani Kolbas will study for a Bachelor of Business together after they each received an offer from the University of Newcastle. Picture: Jonathan CarrollAs twins, they have a very close relationship– so itmakes sense that Kristan and Tiani Kolbas plan to study for a Bachelor of Business together at the University of Newcastle.

The 18-year-old sistersfrom Macquarie Hillsare among theYear 12, 2017, high school graduateswho have already received an offer for a place at university for 2018.

They know as well as anyone the feeling of anticipation that many more young people across the Hunter and Lake Macquariewill have as they wait for the next round of uni offers to be released at 7.30am on Friday.

The Newcastle Herald has followed the Kolbas twins’ journey through school, starting when they began kindergarten at Eleebana Public School in 2005 and catching up with them again when the end of Year 12 drew close at Warners Bay High School, last year.

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Another round of uni offers on FridayHunter shines on HSC stageHunter students top state in HSCHSC results: here’s how your school rankedWhile Tiani is planning to study full-time –she hopes to open a fashion-based business –Kristan is taking a slightly less-trodden path.

She’s planning to study part-time while she completes an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, in the hope that she can one day combine her studies and practical skills to open a small business of her own.

“We’re both pretty interested in business,” Kristan said.

“We did Business Studies in Year 12 and we really enjoyed it.

“I was just helping out at the hair salon as an assistant during Christmas time and then they offered me an apprenticeship.

“I really, really enjoyed it and thought if I do the business degree and do the apprenticeship I could own my own hair salon one day. They kind of both work with each other.”

When theHeraldasked the twins if they were close as sisters, the response camein unison: “yes”.

Tiani said the pair had been discussing how to possiblyline-up their study and class timetables so they could have go to universitytogether “so we have each other”.

She said they had initially considered a move toSydney, but stayed because they received offers to study at the University of Newcastle.

The Universities Admission Centre will release about 20,000 university offers on Friday in the first of two rounds of offers scheduled for January.

UAC spokesperson Kim Paino said in a statement on Thursday thatit wasimportant for students to keep their options open.

“There are still more offer rounds to go,” she said.

“But we strongly recommend that applicants accept offers they are made now so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to study in first semester this year.”