Travellers can now stay in – and run – a book shop

The Open Book in Wigtown, Scotland, is a popular bookstore with locals and travellers alike. But the standout feature of the store isn’t its selection of novels or even its cosy charm, but rather it is the way in which it is run. With “a new bookseller every fortnight”, it is one of the most unusual forms of accommodation in the world.

Starting at $63 a night, guests essentially pay to run the bookstore (and get a place to sleep as well).

The store’s Airbnb page reads: “We’ll give you your very own apartment and bookshop below, supported by a team of friendly volunteers to make your trip as lovely as possible.”

Although the people who work there have to pay for the honour, this does not erase any of the appeal. In fact, project co-founder Jessica Fox believes it adds to the experience.

“I think in everyone’s life you have that ‘what if’ voice,” she told BBC Breakfast.

“What if I just owned a bookshop by the sea in Scotland? We want to give people the opportunity to do it. This is actual real virtual reality where you can come and be in a bookshop, and feel the cold, and read the books, and enjoy the community, and kind of have little surprises of an adventure along the way.”

From New Zealand to South Korea and North America, travellers have come from far and wide to partake in the business. Popularity has been so high the Open Book is fully booked until 2020.

In the meantime you can read about the experiences of other tenants as they write on the store’s blog. Every new visitor is encouraged to blog about their time in the Open Book as part of tradition. Blog posts range from favourite bookish picks to personal opinions and cultural anecdotes, with the couple who most recently stayed in the store inviting Scottish locals to “Come by the shop at 2pm for a bizarre Swedish Christmas tradition!”

One thing’s for sure: whether you are a local or just passing through, the Open Book is the perfect place for those who seek adventure (whether among pages or within the streets of Wigtown).

The Open Book is at 2 High Street, Wigtown, DG8 9HQ. See ???https://梧桐夜网airbnb苏州美甲学校419论坛/rooms/7908227