Snake hitches ride from Eden to Pambula

Snake hitches ride from Eden to Pambula Can I come in? A red belly black snake looks for a safe entry point to Ted Ogier’s work vehicle.

TweetFacebook Close encounter. Photos: Nolan’s Auto Parts, PambulaSnake sightings are an inevitable part of our Australian summer –but you don’t expect to see them wrapped around your car’s side mirrorwhile you’re driving!

However, that is what Nolan’s Auto Parts Pambula employeeTed Ogiersaw on Wednesdaywhendriving along the highway to Pambulafrom Eden.

Mr Ogier was returning from Eden after making deliverieswhen a red belly black snake dropped down on to his windscreen from the vehicle’s roof.

After failed attempts to enter the vehicle, the excitable reptilethen tried to enter the driver’s side window after first wrapping itself around thecar’s side mirror.

After travelling with the reptile for some time, Mr Ogier pulled over at Oaklands Event Centre near Pambula and rang his manager,Kai Pearse, for assistance.

“What do I do here? I have a snake on my bonnet!”Mr Ogier told Mr Pearse over the phone.

When Mr Pearse arrived at Oaklands he saw the snake on the roof of the vehicle,which he described as being between 2 and 2.5 metres long. After some careful manoeuvring, the snake was ushered away with a broom before it slithered safely into a nearby paddock.

Photos of the encounter have received a huge response on social media.

Since the photos were posted to Nolan’s Facebook page around 1pm Wednesday, they have already been shared more than 260 times and attracted a similar number of comments.

Many of those commentingwrote messages along the lines of needing a change of pants had that happened to them, or that the car needed torching now.

This is not the first time Nolan’s employees have encounterednative wildlife.

Last year, Mr Pearse and his staff witnessed and helped removea kangaroo that entered theirPambula store.

“It came bounding up the driveway and came tearing into shop and around the showroom.” he said

Reflectingon the auto parts store’s animal encounters, Mr Pearse said: “2017 was the year of the kangaroo, 2018 is the year of the snake!”

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