Driver passes out in car near Hungry Jack’s after whopper grog session

CAUGHT: Nicholas Keating blew 0.203 about 6.30am after a 14-hour drinking session.

A TRUCK driver who passed out in his car at Hungry Jack’s after a whopper 14-hour grog session won’t be going through the drive-through any time soon.

Wodonga man Nicholas Keating wasn’t hard to track down at the Barnawartha fast food venue after police were called.

He’d passed out in his blue Toyota LandCruiser with the car still running after leaving a 30th birthday party in late August in search of food.

Hungry Jack’s staff had to approach his four-wheel-drive about 4am and turn off the ignition before calling officers.

When they arrived about 5.30am, police found Keating still passed out in the vehicle, sitting in the driver’s seat with they keys insidethe ignition.

He was taken back to the station in Wodonga and returned a reading of .203 about 6.30am –about two-and-a-half hours after leaving the party.

His licence was cancelled on the spot.

After hearing a summary of what occurred in Wodonga Magistrates Court on Tuesday, magistrate Peter Mithen asked if it accurately summed up the incident.

“I suppose you can’t remember?” he asked Keating.

The court heard the machine operator and truck driver had travelled about two kilometres from the party to Hungry Jack’s.

“It’s a wonder you could manoeuvrethe car those two kilometres,” the magistrate said.

Mr Mithen said it was lucky he hadn’t killed someone, or himself.

The reading will see Keating off the road for 20 months, backdated to the date of the offence.

“That’s a long time out of the trucking industry,” Mr Mithen said.

He also fined the Wodonga man, who didn’t have any prior offences on his record,$600.

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